Your Child

Is Smarter Thank You Think!



“What she says is so practical. When I go to her seminars, I know I can take what she says home with me and use it in my everyday life.”
—Tracy McCoy, Mother

“She is radiantly enthusiastic about her work with children and parents.”
—Dorothy Hammert, Grandmother

“Dr. Draper is as down-to-earth as the sod dugout my mother lived in, and as far reaching as the space capsule I traveled in.”
—Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford USAF (Ret.), Astronaut

“If I could be anything in the world, I would be a flower in Wanda’s garden because I know that she would take good care of me.”
—Austin Vanderlyn, age 8

Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think! bridges the gap between how children think and learn and how they feel and behave. Dr. Wanda Draper discusses a whole-child approach to articulate the child’s development and its relationship to behavior and learning from infancy through adolescence. Based on thirty years of experience with thousands of children of all ages, and their parents and teachers, she suggests simple yet powerful ways to help children achieve success in school and life. She says, “You can’t send the head to school and leave the body at home—the whole child goes to school, the whole child lives at home, and the whole child participates in the world.”

Through a down-to-earth approach, Dr. Draper offers insights about how to tell the difference between natural behavior and a real problem—and what to do about it. She gives a lively explanation of how children think and act in relation to how they feel. Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think! focuses, at each stage and pathway of development, on suggestions for how to successfully:

  • live and work with a smart child
  • help without interfering
  • activate the learning loop
  • communicate to get results

“Parents and professionals are often confronted by the challenges of children because they are smarter than we think.”
-Dr. Wanda Draper

Wanda Draper, PhD, professor emeritus of the College of Medicine, University of Oklahoma, testifies about the relationship between childhood development and adulthood consequences as an expert witness in capital death-penalty trials. She studied at Texas Woman’s University, with additional studies at Harvard University and in Geneva, Switzerland. The author of sixteen books, she has appeared on television, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, and has been quoted in CNN News, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Parent magazine, and Reader’s Digest.

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